Interested in a genomics-focused PhD at UW-Madison?

UW's Genetics PhD Program is a natural home for students interested in molecular, computational, and statistical approaches to genomic research.  A substantial number of Genetics PhD trainers are available in Computational & Systems Biology and in Genomics and Proteomics, reflecting the large and active UW research community in these emerging fields.  Our program includes a growing number of students who integrate wet lab and computational analyses into their graduate research, and some who focus entirely on computational studies. 

Genomics-oriented students at UW have a strong selection of courses to choose from, such as:
*   Genomic Science   *   Advanced Genomic and Proteomic Analysis  
*   Evolutionary Genomics   *  Evolutionary Systems Biology  *
   Population Genetics  
*   Intro to Bioinformatics   *   Advanced Bioinformatics  *  Intro to Data Programming  
*   Statistical Methods for Bioscience I & II   *   Learning a Statistical Language (R)  

UW offers superb scientific resources for genomic research.  Our Biotech Center includes a DNA Sequencing Facility (with Illumina HiSeq 2000/2500 machines) and a Bioinformatics Resource Center.  And notably, the Center for High Throughput Computing provides *free* access to over 10,000 processors (with even more available through its partners).  Very few universities can let you run thousands of programs at once, but at UW that's entirely possible.

Drawing from many different UW departments, our Quantitative Biology Initiative brings together labs and resources relevant to these emerging and interdisciplinary fields of biology. 

For students interested in evolutionary genomics, the
J. F. Crow Institute for the Study of Evolution (named for our late colleague and influential population geneticist) illustrates the breadth and vigor of the UW evolution community.

Outside of the lab, Madison offers an exceptional quality of life in a beautiful setting.  Downtown and campus are bordered by lakes, and the area includes a number of long distance bike trails.  Madison features diverse art, music, and cultural offerings.  A great farmers market and a focus on local food are complemented by a wide range of international restaurants.

Madison was recently ranked as the best city in America for young adults (Kiplingers 2012).   It has appeared on countless 'top cities' rankings, including lists for families, dogs, biking, walking, nature, green-ness, safety, public schools, an educated population, health and fitness, friendliness, farmers markets, arts, vegetarians, biotech, careers
, quality of life, and so on.