John Pool's Lab studies Population Genomics and the Genetic Basis of Adaptive Evolution at the University of Wisconsin – Madison

Latest Pool Lab News...

Winter 2022:
~ Welcome to Myron Child as a new PhD student!
~ We have 3 more new papers:  an MBE paper looks at genomic changes across ~500 generations of natural evolution, while two others examine the genetic architecture of adaptive changes in alcohol resistance and size.

Summer 2021:
~ Jamie Freeman and Dr. Max Shpak join the lab as research staff.
~ We have a new paper in Genetics on transcriptome adaptation.
~ Congratulations to recent graduates Clarice Danen, Olivia Gargulak, and Zach Johnson!

Winter 2021:
~ Congratualtions to Dr's Jeremy Lange and Quentin Sprengelmeyer on their successful PhD thesis defenses!

Fall 2020:
~ Siyuan Feng joins the lab as a new PhD student!

Spring 2020:
~ Maud Duranton joins the lab as a new postdoc!
~ Thank you NIH!  John receives an R35 MIRA grant.
~ Marcus Stensmyr's "wild fly" art graces the MBE cover in conjunction with our paper on D. melanogaster origin and history.

Fall 2019:
~ Our
study on wilderness African flies, their genomes, and species history is published in MBE.

Spring 2019:
~ John returns from sabbatical work in Puerto Rico, California, and Utah.

Fall 2018:
~ Thank you NIH!  The lab is receiving a new R01 grant, in collaboration with Mark Rebeiz.
~ Our collaboration with Marcus Stensmyr is bearing fruit: 
Marula as an ancestral host fruit for Drosophila melanogaster (see NPR coverage).
~ Tanager J. Pool becomes the lab's 6th baby in its 7 year history, and John's 1st.  And then, Isla Sprengelmeyer becomes #7.

Summer 2018:
~ 2 new accepted papers!  (1) Selective sweeps may not undermine demographic inference in flies, and (2) Directional selection undermines genetic and environmental robustness.

Spring 2018:
~ Thank you NSF!  The lab gets a new grant on parallel cold tolerance evolution, and Chris McAllester gets a predoctoral fellowship!
~ Vedika Ramesh graduates!

Winter 2018:
~ Welcome to Matt Lollar as a new PhD student, and to Juliana Cordeiro as a visiting professor!

Summer 2017:
~ Welcome to Murillo Fernando Rodrigues as a visiting graduate student!

Spring 2017:

~ Audrey Simard, Ben Groth, Grant Hoppel, & Matt Monette graduate!
~ John gets tenure!  (his seminar is HERE)

Winter 2017:
~ Welcome to Chris McAllester & Tiago Ribeiro as new PhD students!

Fall 2016:
~ John was on the Whad'ya Know Podcast!  Skip ahead in this VIDEO to 2:11:22.
~ We have *4* new papers accepted at Genetics and MBE!   (see Papers and John's TAGC talk)

Summer 2016:
~ The Pool Lab welcomes Yuheng Huang as a new postdoctoral researcher!
~ Version 1.1 of the Drosophila Genome Nexus is HERE.
~ Amir is co-first author on a Current Biology paper on the recurrent origin of a sexually-dimorphic trait (Article) (Press Release)

Spring 2016:
~ Amir Yassin led our PNAS study on a novel fly population that specializes on a toxic fruit!  (Article)  (Press Release)  (John's talk at Evolution 2016)
~ Congratulations to Amir on his prestigious faculty position at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris!  (LINK)
~ Vedika Ramesh received a Sophomore Research Fellowship for her population genomic analysis of olfactory receptor genes!

Winter 2016:
~ Our 2 new papers are featured in this UW press release!  Our PNAS paper shows that wing size evolution entailed a loss of developmental buffering.  Our Nature Communications paper shows the genetic basis of a female-specific color dimorphism under ancient balancing selection, and even inspired a Shakespearean sonnet, "Rough in Love"  (Text)  (Audio)

 Lab Video:

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