John Pool's Lab studies Population Genomics and the Genetic Basis of Adaptive Evolution at the University of Wisconsin – Madison

Latest Pool Lab News...

Spring 2019:
~ John returns from sabbatical work in Puerto Rico, California, and Utah.

Fall 2018:
~ Thank you NIH!  The lab is receiving a new R01 grant, in collaboration with Mark Rebeiz.
~ Our collaboration with Marcus Stensmyr is bearing fruit!
Marula as an ancestral host fruit for Drosophila melanogaster (see NPR coverage).
   (2) Our related
study on wilderness African flies, their genomes, and species history.
~ Tanager J. Pool becomes the lab's 6th baby in its 7 year history, and John's 1st.  And then, Isla Sprengelmeyer becomes #7.

Summer 2018:
~ 2 new accepted papers!  (1) Selective sweeps may not undermine demographic inference in flies, and (2) Directional selection undermines genetic and environmental robustness.

Spring 2018:
~ Thank you NSF!  The lab gets a new grant on parallel cold tolerance evolution, and Chris McAllester gets a predoctoral fellowship!
~ Vedika Ramesh graduates!

Winter 2018:
~ Welcome to Matt Lollar as a new PhD student, and to Juliana Cordeiro as a visiting professor!

Summer 2017:
~ Welcome to Murillo Fernando Rodrigues as a visiting graduate student!

Spring 2017:

~ Audrey Simard, Ben Groth, Grant Hoppel, & Matt Monette graduate!
~ John gets tenure!  (his seminar is HERE)

Winter 2017:
~ Welcome to Chris McAllester & Tiago Ribeiro as new PhD students!

Fall 2016:
~ John was on the Whad'ya Know Podcast!  Skip ahead in this VIDEO to 2:11:22.
~ We have *4* new papers accepted at Genetics and MBE!   (see Papers and John's TAGC talk)

Summer 2016:
~ The Pool Lab welcomes Yuheng Huang as a new postdoctoral researcher!
~ Version 1.1 of the Drosophila Genome Nexus is HERE.
~ Amir is co-first author on a Current Biology paper on the recurrent origin of a sexually-dimorphic trait (Article) (Press Release)

Spring 2016:
~ Amir Yassin led our PNAS study on a novel fly population that specializes on a toxic fruit!  (Article)  (Press Release)  (John's talk at Evolution 2016)
~ Congratulations to Amir on his prestigious faculty position at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris!  (LINK)
~ Vedika Ramesh received a Sophomore Research Fellowship for her population genomic analysis of olfactory receptor genes!

Winter 2016:
~ Our 2 new papers are featured in this UW press release!  Our PNAS paper shows that wing size evolution entailed a loss of developmental buffering.  Our Nature Communications paper shows the genetic basis of a female-specific color dimorphism under ancient balancing selection, and even inspired a Shakespearean sonnet, "Rough in Love"  (Text)  (Audio)

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