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Opportunities to join our research group:

Postdocs - There are no specific openings, but we may search for a computational population genomics position in the near future.  I encourage any prospective postdocs to contact me regarding fellowships or openings that may arise. 

Ph.D. students - Funding is available for a Ph.D. student.  The UW-Madison Genetics Ph.D. program has a strong contingent of evolution-oriented labs. The Zoology Ph.D. program is also an option.  Prospective students with a strong interest in our lab are encouraged to contact me before applying.
  Applications are due by Dec. 1.

Undergraduates - There are no immediate vacancies.  Students with a particular interest in population genetic research are always welcome to contact me.

Technicians or programmers - I do not currently plan to hire a technician or programmer, but this may change at some point.  Contact me if you have a particular interest in our lab.

Feel free to contact me with any questions (

John Pool
Assistant Professor
Laboratory of Genetics
University of Wisconsin-Madison

More about the University of Wisconsin and the Madison area:

UW-Madison offers a superb scientific environment, with colleagues in population genetics, evolutionary genomics, and related fields present in many academic units, including the Laboratory of Genetics, the J. F. Crow Institute for the Study of Evolution, and departments including
Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, Zoology, Botany, Entomology, Bacteriology, and many others.  

Madison offers an exceptional quality of life in a beautiful natural setting.  Downtown and campus are bordered by lakes, and the area includes a number of long distance bike trails.  Madison features diverse art, music, and cultural offerings.  A great farmers market and a focus on local food are complemented by a wide range of international restaurants.

Madison is ranked as the best city in America for young adults (Kiplingers 2012), and has appeared on a slew of 'top cities' lists, including lists for:  families, dogs, biking, walking, nature, green-ness, safety, public schools and educated population, health and fitness, friendliness, farmers markets, arts, vegetarians, biotech, careers
, quality of life, and so on...

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